Call for Nominations for AZITE Section Board Officers

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ITE Arizona Section Voting Members, 

The Nominations Committee is continuing in the tradition of leading the effort to find exceptional officers for the ITE Arizona Section. If you have ever served in that capacity, and I know lots of you have, it is a very rewarding experience. There are many other opportunities to serve ITE, in addition to being an officer and we appreciate each and every volunteer.

The Board and Nominating Committee members (Past Presidents: Catherine Hollow, Alejandro Angel, and Jenny Grote) searched for the very best candidates to run for office for the 2021 Business Year, which now coincides with the calendar year.  After a thorough evaluation and discussion, we are nominating the following candidates for:

  • President
    • Yung Koprowski, Y2K Engineering
  • Vice President
    • Felipe Ladron de Guevara, Kittelson & Associates
  • Secretary
    • Christopher Lemka, City of Peoria
  • Treasurer 
    • Mazen Muradvich, Maricopa County Dept. of Transportation
    • Shane Gutknecht, Southwest Traffic Engineering                                              


According to Section 5.1 in the Arizona Section Bylaws, we will offer an opportunity to take candidate nominations from the “floor.” The “floor” will be substituted with “e-mail” or by “phone.” If there are there any nominations from the “floor,” please send me your/their resume by 5:00 PM on Monday, March 30th

Feel free to contact me, another Nominating Committee member, or any of the Section Board officers ( if you have any questions or would like additional information about the duties and responsibilities of being an officer.

Thank you for your continued dedication to be the best Section in ITE!

Jenny L. Grote, PE, PTOE, PTP
2020 ITE AZ Section Nominating Committee Chair

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