Job Posting for City of Flagstaff - Engineering Associate - Transportation

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The City of Flagstaff would like to invite applicants for an Engineering Associate - Transportation position with their Transportation Engineering Section.

Brief Summary:

The City of Flagstaff is seeking a professional, highly motivated and articulate individual to join our Transportation Engineering Team as an Engineering Associate - Transportation.  The successful candidate will be a positive influence on day-to-day operations, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and be comfortable with a hands-on and proactive team approach to solving problems.  The ideal candidate will have strong interest in multiple facets of traffic and transportation engineering, while exhibiting exceptional interpersonal skills with the public, interdisciplinary teams, and consultants alike.

The Engineering Associate - Transportation position is responsible for performing a wide variety of tasks.  Duties range from routine to the most complex responsibilities requiring incumbents to take initiative, make judgment calls, and make decisions for the projects/processes for which they are assigned.  

This position is supervised by the City Traffic Engineer and is a key position in the Transportation Engineering Program of the Engineering Section of the Community Development Division.

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