Mountain District Student and Younger Member Awards Announced!

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This year the Mountain District Student and Younger Member Committee wanted to ensure there were ample opportunities for participation and recognition for our Student Chapters and Younger Members. One of our primary goals this year was to offer the same opportunities as students had last year while transitioning from the Western District to the Mountain District. The programs and awards we provided this year included the Mountain District Student Data Collection Project, international student and younger member awards, and local District student awards. In addition, all of our award winners were submitted to ITE Head Quarters for consideration for International Awards.  We are thrilled to announce our participants and winners for 2020!

Student Data Collection Project RFP Winners: Northern Arizona University, Brigham Young University, Montana State University, University of New Mexico

Student Chapter Award: University of Colorado Denver

Student Momentum Award: Montana State University

Student Paper Award: Nicholas Coppola, University of Colorado, Denver

Outstanding Undergraduate Award: Logan Bennett, Brigham Young University

Outstanding Graduate Award: Camille Lunt, Brigham Young University

Outstanding Educator Award: Yingyan Lou, Arizona State University and Grant Schultz, Brigham Young University

Student Traffic Bowl Winners: Brigham Young University

Young Member Rising Star Award: Lisa Nguyen, WSP, CO/WY Section

"I wanted to send a quick email to extend my gratitude and let everyone know that I have received the ITE Mountain District Best Student Paper award in the mail. This is without a doubt one of the best awards – I love the road sign. I will hang this on my wall for motivation as I continue through my PhD and it will be with me in my future endeavors without a doubt." - Nicholas Coppola

In addition, ITE International has decided to host an International Virtual Traffic Bowl in which our very own BYU will be representing our District!

Moving forward, we will be rolling out and implementing addition programs and opportunities for our students and young members. Our District awards will be rebranded to be unique to the Mountain District and we will continue to look for opportunities to encourage our students to become professional members upon graduation. We are also excited to announce our first ever Mountain District Student Leadership Summit which will be hosted by Montana State University. For more information including sponsorship opportunities, please visit

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