Job Opportunities - City of Yuma - Traffic Engineer and Civil Engineer

Posted by azite on Feb. 5, 2021  /  Arizona Section Notifications  /   0

The City of Yuma would like to invite applicants to Traffic Engineer and Civil Engineer positions.

Brief Summary:

Traffic Engineer - Under general supervision, performs professional engineering work in reviewing and evaluating traffic engineering and Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, development proposals, traffic control, and planning studies for the City of Yuma’s Engineering Division; designs and develops traffic engineering projects; manages, evaluates and operates the City’s traffic signal system; and manages the traffic engineering work group. Click here for more information.

Civil Engineer - Under general supervision, depending on assignment, performs professional engineering and administrative work in the overall study, operational analysis, design, program development, plan review, construction and inspection of various public and private development projects. Click here for more information.


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