Job Posting: RTC of Southern Nevada Manager Engineering

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 24, 2021  /  Mountain District Notifications  /   0

OPENING DATE: 02/23/2021 CLOSING DATE: 03/08/2021 THE POSITION Manages and coordinates a wide variety of project engineering development and oversight activities.

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Job Posting: City of Arvada Traffic Engineer I/II/III

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 11, 2021  /  Mountain District Notifications  /   0

We are hiring for Traffic Engineer I/II/III. Please visit the City's job page to find out what level to apply. Responsible for the design and contract administration of routine traffic and transportation projects related to the city’s...

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Job Posting: City of Phoenix Traffic Engineer III (Critical Position)

Posted by [email protected] on Feb. 9, 2021  /  Mountain District Notifications  /   0

Good writing and oral presentation skills and the ability to address the media and the public. Thorough knowledge of transportation and traffic engineering principles. Ability to work independently and under pressure, multi-task, meet deadlines, and...

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