ITE Utah Section Election November 2020

Posted by utite2 on Oct. 20, 2020  /  Utah Section Notifications  /   0

There is an upcoming ITE Utah Section election to be held in November 2020. Online voting will take place over a two-week period beginning November 6 and ending November 20. An online ballot will be accessible during that time period, and instructions will be sent then. As part of the ballot, you will be asked to provide your name and email address that we will use to verify your membership and eligibility for voting. Information about each Treasurer candidate will be sent out by November 6, and they will speak a few minutes at the November 17 lunch meeting.

The Utah Nominating Committee have forwarded the following candidates to be on the ballot for each position:

Treasurer candidates:

Jake Farnsworth (Kimley-Horn)

Chris Bender (Fehr & Peers)

Secretary candidate:

Lisa Miller (UDOT)

Vice-President candidate:

Vijay Kornala (J-U-B Engineers)

President candidate:

Peter Jager (UDOT)

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