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Mountain District Board

 Mountain District President
Paul A. Barricklow
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Paul Barricklow, PE, PTOE, Principal and Founder of Lee Engineering LLC’s Albuquerque office, currently serves as ITE Mountain District’s President. Graduating from the University of Texas, San Antonio with his BS in Civil Engineering and an MBA, Paul has over 18 years of experience working, presenting, and publishing in the field of transportation and traffic engineering. Most notably, Paul was featured as one of the Southwest’s Top 20 under 40 in Engineering New-Record in January 2015. Merging his career with his passion for cycling, Paul is certified as a Safe Routes to Schools National Course Instructor and League of American Cyclists Instructor. In his free time, he enjoys using his local roadway infrastructure to drive his daughters to and from soccer, basketball, and volleyball practice, or to mountain bike on local trails.
 Mountain District Vice President
Benjamin T. Waldman
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Ben Waldman, P.E., PTOE has a long history building consensus around innovative solution for transportation challenges.  With over 25 years of experience in both the private and public sectors, he has led a broad range of transportation studies and design efforts. He is a past president of the ITE Colorado/Wyoming Section and was LAC chair of the 2018 ITE Joint Western and Texas District meeting in Keystone, Colorado. Ben grew up in Denver, Colorado and spent time in Texas during the 1990’s where he received Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Texas. In January, 2000 Ben returned to Denver Colorado where he currently resides with his wife and three children.
 Mountain District Secretary-Treasurer
Devin V. Moore
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Devin Moore, P.E., PTOE, RSP2 is most proud of his successful 10+ years of marriage and his four beautiful children. He is also a transportation engineer at Kimley-Horn in Reno, Nevada, the Past President of the ITE Intermountain Section.  A Bachelor of Science graduate of Brigham Young University (where he was the Secretary of the ITE student chapter) and Master of Science graduate from Texas A&M University (where he served as President of the ITE student chapter), Devin is now pursuing a PhD from the University of Nevada Reno (where he serves as the ITE student chapter mentor). He has over 10 years of professional experience with a solid foundation of traffic analysis and a passionate emphasis on transportation safety, GIS applications and multimodal transportation planning. In 2016, Devin was awarded the Young Professional Achievement Award by the Western District.
 Mountain District International Director
Karen E. Aspelin
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Karen Aspelin, P.E., PTOE is the owner and principal engineer for MaxGreen Transportation Engineers, LLC, which she founded in 2017 in Colorado Springs.  She represents the new Mountain District on ITE’s International Board of Direction, and is a past president of the Western District and the New Mexico Section.  Karen has a B.S. in civil engineering from the University of Virginia, an M.S. in civil engineering from Texas A&M University, and over 25 years of experience in the industry.  Her favorite jobs involve taking a project from the beginning stages of study and public involvement all the way through preparation of design plans.

Mountain District Section Representatives

David E. Lucas

Arizona Section Representative

Duane J. Cleere

Colorado-Wyoming Section Representative

Jeffrey W. Jones

Idaho Section Representative

Lisa Fischer

Montana Section Representative

Kondala Rao Mantri

Nevada Section Representative

James R. Barrera

New Mexico Section Representative

Hal R. Johnson

Utah Section Representative

Past Presidents List

Listed here once we have a Past President!