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Benefits of Being an ITE Member

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) is an International organization of over 15,000 members in over 90 countries focused on transportation and traffic engineering and planning. Members come from public agencies (federal, state, MPO, county, city), private firms, academia, manufactures and suppliers of transportation equipment/ products. The Mountain District, which represents the 8 mountain area states in the USA, provides benefits to members in five broad areas that match our goals.

Career Development

ITE tailors its activities to keep our professionals at the cutting edge of transportation by sharing our expertise with others. ITE provides training through its Annual Meetings (International and Mountain District), Section/Chapter level meetings, and Learning Hub that can be used for professional development hours (PDH). ITE works to certify its activities for use as PDHs in all states. Because transportation is such a specialized field, getting practical in-house training or finding effective academic/continuing education can be difficult and expensive.

Retaining good staff is a goal of all agencies and firms and professional development is a key to a good retention strategy. ITE’s cost effective methods of professional development provide employers practical means of delivering highly applicable training to transportation staff. This can come from participation in meetings and councils to leadership opportunities with ITE. Employers benefit from having staff that are linked to the latest in transportation research, applications, analysis and design – and are able to apply lessons learned from others efficiently and effectively rather than “reinventing the wheel” to address emerging issues.

When it is time to recruit staff with unique and focused transportation skills, the Jobs Available board links you to other transportation professionals around the Mountain District. As a professional looking to advance, the Jobs Available board provides you a range of opportunities to consider in searching for a new position.

Technical Excellence

ITE focuses on providing a platform to achieve technical excellence both for the profession and the individual. ITE Publications link you to cutting edge information in transportation where changes are constantly emerging and research is on-going (with discounted prices for members). ITE has coordinated with the Transportation Professional Certification Board to provide certification programs such as the Professional Traffic Operations Engineer®, Professional Transportation Planner®, and Road Safety Professional® that demonstrate requisite knowledge, skill and ability in these specialized applications. ITE provides the most open invitation of any professional society to share your passion for transportation through research using the platform of the Technical Councils – an area where many of the profession’s emerging topics (pedestrian facilities, neighborhood traffic, mobility as a service [MaaS], connected and autonomous vehicles) originate prior to development of standards and handbooks. They develop informational reports, recommended practices and handbooks for use by the profession.

Promoting the Profession

The Mountain District seeks to enhance the transportation profession by increasing awareness of accomplishments, recognizing professional achievement and developing better skills to contact and communicate with the public. ITE provides its members an opportunity to become recognized in the profession through awards, leadership in ITE through volunteer opportunities, research and/or elective office.

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