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We are providing a member login option for registering for events. The action that is required of each member is to login to the Mountain District website at this link to set up your login credentials: Your username is your email to your ITE Headquarters membership account. This website is a different platform than, so please request a new password to set up your website account for the Mountain District website specifically. The information you choose can match your ITE credentials if you would like. If you do not want to complete this action now, you will be able to do so as you are registering for your next event you to obtain a member ticket.


AZITE Virtual Happy Hour


April 29, 2020
3:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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Please join us for a Virtual Happy Hour on Wednesday, April 29th at 3:30pm.

AZITE will be hosting a virtual happy hour during the unprecedented time we are currently experiencing. Join us during the 60-minute virtual gathering, we will have the opportunity to connect with our members and discuss an important topic: Changes in Traffic Impact Study Practices. Lisa Fontana, Traffic Engineering Senior Director with ITE in DC will give an overview of upcoming changes to Traffic Impact Analysis practices and Brandon Forrey, assistant City Traffic Engineer with the City of Peoria will provide an local agency overview of changes to Traffic Impact Analysis as a result of COVID-19.


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