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We are providing a member login option for registering for events. The action that is required of each member is to login to the Mountain District website at this link to set up your login credentials: Your username is your email to your ITE Headquarters membership account. This website is a different platform than, so please request a new password to set up your website account for the Mountain District website specifically. The information you choose can match your ITE credentials if you would like. If you do not want to complete this action now, you will be able to do so as you are registering for your next event you to obtain a member ticket.


Mountain District Board Meeting - Dec 11 - Swearing In of New Board


December 11, 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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We will be swearing in the new District Executive Committee at our December 11th District Board Meeting at 11AM MST. If you'd like to attend the meeting, please open the meeting link here: and click "Add to Calendar" below where the date/time of the meeting is listed. That will save it to your calendar and when it's Dec 11th you'll just click on the link in the invite and also below. We'd love to see your face on the Teams call!

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