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President's Message

June is shaping up to be a busy month for the District.  The hard work from your District Board and Joint District's LAC will prove to be responsive and resilient to the changes before us.

Foremost, our Annual Meeting is moving to a virtual meeting format.  Meeting details are still found at, and the Joint LACs are working hard to provide timely updates.  We are anticipating the online format and the reduced cost of attendance will allow more members to attend and benefit from the robust technical program.

Integrated into the Annual Meeting schedule is the Mountain District Annual Business Meeting at 3 pm MDT on Tuesday, June 30th.  Additional details will be provided through the Annual Meeting Program. Do note; the program is in Pacific Time.

All members are invited to attend irrespective of paid attendance at the conference.  The District Business Meeting will cover:

  • Status of the District Report,
  • Presentation of the current year and projected year's budgets,
  • Presentation of awards to our student, educators, and young professional programs winners, and the
  • 2021 Secretary/Treasurer Candidate Statements.


Shortly following the candidates' address, the District will email ballots to the membership.  Please take the time in July to cast your ballots as we have two highly qualified and enthusiastic candidates.  Both participated in ITE at various levels for several years and would serve the District well.

Also, in June, the District will hold its first Annual Board Meeting.  In years past, the meeting was the Sunday prior to the Annual Meeting; however, this year the meeting will be held virtually on Friday, June 19th, from 8 am to 12 pm MDT.  The meeting will focus on District policies, future meetings locations and formats, as well as, highlighted section and committee reports.  Attendance is open to all members.  Additional meeting details will be provided through

- Paul Barricklow, PE, PTOE - Mountain District President

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Hello Nevada!

Over one million articles about Nevada, but has everything been written?

Nevada is known as the Silver State, the Battle-Born State, and the Sagebrush State.  It is the seventh largest of the 50 States and home to the Hoover Dam, the single largest public works project in the history of the United States.

Nevada is also the home to the ITE Nevada Chapter (soon to be Section) with 146 members residing in Northern and Southern Nevada.  Our members reflect the diversity in both personality and profession, including engineers, planners, designers, students and retired professionals.  Currently the University of Nevada-Reno has the lone Student Chapter in the state.

In 2019, we began to expand our leadership infrastructure in anticipation of our Chapter’s elevation to a Section in 2021 as part of the Mountain District.  The elected officers of the Chapter formed various subcommittees to provide expanded service to our membership.

2019-2020 Executive Board:

President:  Paul Villaluz, Westwood

1st Vice President:  Molly O’Brien, Kimley-Horn

2nd Vice President:  Baillie Keach, Nevada Department of Transportation

Secretary-Treasurer:  Ati Abad, Atkins

Past President:  John Peñuelas, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada

2019-2020 Board Members:

Community Outreach:  Anabel Hernandez, Kimley-Horn

Social and Technical Activities:  Ian Machen, Ludian

Students and Younger Members:  Katelyn Sasaki, Atkins and Naveen Veeramisti, C-A Group

Website and Social Media:  Sabrina Harrison, Atkins and Meshkat Mirzaei, HDR

We bring our transportation community together through planning and holding several activities throughout the year, including monthly luncheons, social and technical tours, community outreach events, awards and scholarships, students and younger members engagement events, and the Nevada Fall Transportation Conference. We highly value community collaboration and therefore, actively identify opportunities to plan several joint events with other professional organization including ITS NV and ASCE.

ITE Nevada joined other engineering societies in Las Vegas to donate cash to support the Just One Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing fresh food and necessities to food insecure neighborhoods.  ITE members also volunteered at the Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest during the holiday season.

Social and Technical Activities Chair Ian Machen presented the “Best Transportation System in the Community” Award at the 2020 Future City Competition in Las Vegas.

ITE Nevada hosted a meeting about the new Las Vegas Raiders stadium in February 2020 before in-person meetings were suspended in March due to the COVID crisis.  ITE Nevada hosted its first online meeting on May 21, 2020 featuring Jim Keane, the City Engineer of Boulder City, Nevada.

ITE Nevada and ASCE Younger Member Forum will have an online social fundraiser on Thursday, June 4, 2020 at 5pm Pacific Time.  Please feel free to check it out!

Did You Know?

  • The 2015 ITE Western District Annual Meeting in Las Vegas had 500+ attendees
  • Local Nevadans in the ITE International and Mountain District Leadership:
    • Alyssa Rodriguez, International Vice President
    • Devin Moore, Mountain District Secretary-Treasurer
    • Kondala Rao Mantri, Mountain District Nevada Section Representative
    • Joey Paskey, Mountain District Awards Chair
  • Every year, we present two awards at the Engineers Week Banquet in February. This year’s winners are:
    • Ati Abad of Atkins for the Transportation Professional of the Year
    • Waycare Technologies – “Waycare Platform and Strategic Traffic Management Sites” for the Transportation Project of the Year

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Student Chapter Spotlight

University of Idaho Student Chapter Update

The students from the University of Idaho's ITE Student Chapter were resilient and adaptable as they transitioned to an exclusively online learning environment during the latter half of Spring Semester. Our chapter, led by new President Meeloud Alhasyah, hosted Meagan Larrea, ITE-Idaho Student Chapter Liaison, in late April. We thank Meagan for her time as she shared highlights from her recent projects and provided an informative overview of ITE Idaho and its chapter activities. We invite all Mountain District practitioners to reach out to us as we plan and fill our speaker schedule for the 2020-2021 academic year. (by Kevin Chang, UI ITE Faculty Advisor)

Brigham Young University Student Chapter Update - 1st Quarter 2020

The Brigham Young University (BYU) Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Student Chapter had a busy start to 2020 but was unfortunately interrupted mid-March when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Some of the activities that the Chapter participate in during the first quarter leading up to the interruption were as follows:

2020 TRB Annual Meeting (January 12–16, 2020)

In January, Michael Sheffield, Mitchell Hadfield, and Bruce Wang traveled with BYU professors Dr. Grant Schultz and Dr. Gregory Macfarlane to attend the 2020 Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting in Washington D.C. Several BYU ITE alumni were also in attendance and presented their research from their time at BYU. As part of the conference, a dinner was held for those BYU alumni who could attend. The conference provided opportunities to network with transportation engineers, to learn of other research being conducted around the world, and to visit the historical landmarks of Washington DC.

2020 ITE Utah Chapter Annual Conference (January 23, 2020)

Six members of BYU ITE Student Chapter attended the 2020 ITE Utah Chapter Annual Conference at the Thanksgiving Point Show Barn in Lehi, Utah. This day-long event featured presentations by several transportation professionals from UDOT, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), and other organizations. The theme of the conference was “A Culture of Innovation.”

2020 ITE Student Leadership Summit (January 31– February 2, 2020)

The seventh annual ITE Student Leadership Summit (SLS) was hosted by the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of South California ITE Student Chapters. Logan Bennett, Sami Lau, Camille Lunt, and Tanner Daines from the BYU ITE Student Chapter participated in the conference and networked with peers from other schools from the Western and Mountain Districts. Notable activities included technical tours of the LA Metro railyard project and the LA Metro Express lanes bus system, technical presentations from professionals, as well as team-building activities and opportunities to network with other student chapters.

Engineering and Technology Week (February 21, 2020)

Each year, the Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering hosts an Engineering and Technology (ET) week, to inspire and motivate middle school and high school-aged students to pursue their studies in engineering and technology. At this event, BYU ITE set up an activity for the visiting students to experiment with a web-based traffic simulation tool ( The tool allowed them to see the effects of increasing traffic flow, changing driver behavior, and several other driving characteristics in a real-time micro-simulation tool. Four BYU ITE students participated in running the booth during the event.

ITE Professional Forums

Professionals were invited to speak and network with BYU ITE members and students monthly. Three professional forums were hosted through January 2020 through March 2020, with 20–30 students in attendance at each event. The topics covered included reviewing sample projects, exploring project management, and developing positive leadership skills and work ethics. The companies of the speakers graciously provided food for these forums. The individuals who presented included:

  • Clancy Black and Dallas Wall, WCEC Engineers (January 9, 2020)
  • Natalia Brown, Seishi Yamagata, and Chris Bender, Fehr & Peers (February 11, 2020)
  • Josh Gibbons and Jordi Berrett, Hales Engineering (March 5, 2020)


Northern Arizona University Student Chapter Update - End of Semester Spring 2020

After spring break, Northern Arizona University shifted to online classes. Our ITE students were still given opportunities to learn about transportation engineering through the technical information sessions presented over Zoom by guest speakers: David Wessel, Dr. Ellie Volosin,
Wulf Grote and Jenny Grote. Around 15 students attended each session. The Zoom sessions are still available to view through the links on the NAU ITE Website:

David Wessel, the Planning Manager from Flagstaff Metroplan/FMPO, presented a technical information session over Zoom on March 26. He taught our ITE students about equity in transit policy and in infrastructure.
Wulf Grote and Jenny Grote gave a joint presentation on April 16.

Wulf Grote taught about the impacts of COVID-19 on public transportation. He compared ridership, service, funding, and construction before and during the pandemic. He then spoke to the future of transit. Jenny Grote, ITE Board Member, presented about upcoming ITE events including the annual district meeting, opportunities and resources available for student members.

On April 23, Dr. Ellie Volosin presented about interesting projects she has worked on at AECOM over the past few years. She showed our ITE students the programs she uses, such as one that organizes crash and speed data.

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Transportation Search STEM Activity

Looking for something that your kids can do while they’re home from school? ITE’s STEM committee has created “Transportation Search” activity sheets for the elementary, middle, and high school level. Print off the sheet and send your kids off (or join them!) to look for, and think a little more about, neighborhood transportation features that they probably see every day. When they return home, share their experience on social media using #ITESTEM or take a picture and send a write up to [email protected].


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Future Cities Competition Award Winners from Mountain District

ITE sponsored a Special Award at the 2020 Future City Competition (FCC) finals titled “Best Transportation System for the Community.” FCC is one of the nation’s leading engineering education programs and has received national recognition and acclaim for its role in encouraging middle school students to develop their interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). The FCC finals took place in Washington, DC, USA in February 2020. ITE judges Abraham Lerner, P.E. (M) and Jennifer Warner (M) ultimately chose the team from Maricopa Wells Middle School from the Arizona region. The team’s project focused on Salt Lake City.

ITE is also involved with FCC at the regional level. At the Arizona ITE/IMSA Spring Conference in Phoenix, AZ in February, a regional Future City team was honored by ITE members and ITE International President Randy McCourt, P.E., PTOE (F). The winning team from 2020 Arizona FCC for Best Multimodal Transportation System from Esmond Station K-8 school in Tucson, AZ was invited by Kohinoor Kar, Ph.D., P.E., PTOE (M), who has been leading the AZ ITE judges. The students brought their physical model (made of recycled materials) to the meeting and gave an excellent presentation followed by Q&A.

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Mountain Moves!

Make sure to purchase your Mountain swag from your local state ITE Section Presidents or HERE in the form of a Pin or a Sticker, or both! Then......take a picture with your swag in cool places throughout OUR district and submit them to [email protected]! The photos we have received thus far are displayed on our website's home show us your pictures!


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New Members

ITE welcomes the following new members who recently joined our community of transportation professionals!

Lisa Corrado
Thomas Davy
Trenton Essex
Scott Keller
Edward McGuire
Andrew Powell
Dan S. R
Juan Rael
Andrew Roether
Daniel T. Schoenecke
Lewis Venard
David Warnock

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Countdown to the Annual Meeting in Hawaii!

The 2020 Joint Western & Mountain District Annual Meeting will be held ONLINE from June 28-July 1, 2020.  We received over 200 abstracts and are looking forward to a stellar technical program.

We thank you for your continued support of the Joint Western & Mountain Districts Annual Meeting. We encourage you to check the Annual Meeting website for updates:

We advise all attendees who have made reservations at the Hilton Hawaiian Village to cancel their room reservations at this time.

Our Technical Committee has been hard at work restructuring our technical sessions.  Our plan includes one-hour, topic-driven sessions between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM (PST).  Our speakers who have indicated that they would like to be included in a virtual program will be hearing from our committee soon.

The District’s Student Funding & Initiatives Committee (SFIC) has been hard at work restructuring our students and young professional programming.  We will still be hosting a MiteY Race, Kell Competition, Student Traffic Bowl, and Career Guidance Sessions.

The registration fees for the meeting have been significantly reduced to ensure that this meeting is accessible to as many of our members as possible.  Member registrations will be priced at $50 with non-member registrations priced at $150.  These prices will hold up until the meeting dates.  If you have already registered for the meeting, we will be reaching out to you soon with regards to converting your registrations.

Finally, we will host virtual District Annual Business Meetings on Tuesday June 30 at 2:00 PM (PDT) and members are welcome to attend for free.  The LAC is still working on many of the other aspects of the meeting and will continue to post updates as they become available.

‘O kākou ka ‘oi

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Our eNewsletter sponsor for June is Sanderson Stewart!

Whether you post a job listing, an entry in the products and services directory, become a District Sponsor or a Founding District Sponsor, know that your financial support goes directly into funding the important initiatives of the Mountain District.

These initiatives include a strong scholarship and award component to support the growth of our student population and encourage the next generation to join our Community of Transportation Professionals.  Initiatives are also in place to support the growth and development of our young professionals and providing additional outreach opportunities to both our public and private partners, highlighting the work they are doing to better serve the traveling public.  The Mountain District will be working in close partnership with our Sections and Chapters to support their activities at the local level and highlight the accomplishments of our transportation community.

More information on the scholarships, awards and other programs are available on the Mountain ITE website on the page for more information or contact the Advertising Chair.

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