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President's Message

Welcome to the Mountain District monthly newsletter. Through this newsletter, we’ll share important news, updates, and goings-on throughout the Mountain District. Expect to see your Section highlighted throughout the year, to hear from a District sponsor, and read updates from our Student Chapters.

The Mountain District and our website ( is up and running, with Section Representatives and committees hard at work to provide our District members with quality services, including Communications, Awards, Students and Young Professionals, Advertising, and an Annual Meeting. If you are interested in serving on a District committee, please raise your hand and reach out to any of our committee chairs:

District initiatives will also be shares through this newsletter, such as this first exciting initiative to help our students attend the 2020 Annual Meeting. Supporting the next generation of transportation professionals is one of the most necessary and rewarding facets of ITE. Student Chapter involvement allows districts to grow and pass on critical experience and knowledge to the leaders of tomorrow. Like myself, and many other now successful members, ITE Mentors have helped guide and influence our careers in ways we wouldn’t have received outside of ITE. Now, it’s our turn to pay it forward!

Please join me in supporting our Mountain District Student Traffic Bowl Teams get to the 2020 Annual Meeting in Honolulu.

The District, along with the support of the Section Representatives, is seeking to raise funds for our student initiatives through Mountain District lapel pin and sticker donations. These pins and stickers have been distributed to each section and are being offered at your section meetings. With a donation of $5 (pin) or $1 (sticker), or more, you will help support our students and represent our new Mountain District!

Following your gift, please take the opportunity to share your Mountain District pride!

- Paul Barricklow, PE, PTOE - Mountain District President

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Upcoming Events

  • February 11 - Idaho February Luncheon LINK HERE
  • February 13 - AZITE YP Happy Hour LINK HERE
  • February 26 - 2020 Arizona ITE/IMSA Annual Spring Conference LINK HERE


See additional details for these events HERE.

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Hello Arizona!

Arizona experiences on almost 300 sunny days a year and draws a vast demographic of residents coming to the state to escape harsh winters, experience golf year around, and for the numerous special events in the area.  Because of this, traffic patterns are continuously changing!

The AZ Section has about 500 members working in all aspects of transportation.  Our section is led by the following individuals that have dedicated their time to the organization.

President - April Wire, MCDOT
Vice President - Yung Koprowski, Y2K Engineering
Secretary - Felipe Ladrón de Guevara, Kittleson
Treasurer - Chris Lemka, City of Peoria
Past President - David Lucas, City of Tempe

This year, the Section launched two new committees in an effort to encage more participation from our members.  Both were created based on the outcome of our Annual Survey.

The Service and Outreach Committee lead by Brandon Forrey, City of Peoria was created to help our membership give back to our community and also allow members to socialize outside of a professional environment.

The Young Professionals Committee lead by Shannon Ness, Kimley-Horn Associates was created to help engage a different age demographic that we have had difficulties with before.

Young Professionals Committee - December 2019 Meet and Greet Event

ITE/ITS Joint Service and Outreach Event

Each year our section hosts about 7 monthly luncheons and 3 Breakfast Summer Meetings typically at different public agency facilities to help lower costs where Section activity is recapped and upcoming events are announced.  At these meetings, we also have a guest presenter discussing transportation related topics that influence our industry.

2019 Monthly Luncheon Meeting

2019 Breakfast Meeting

In addition to our reoccurring monthly meetings, we host an Annual Holiday Party jointly with ITSAZ where our section is able to interact on a more casual environment.  This year’s was a Murder Mystery Theme.

2019 Annual AZITE/ITS Arizona Holiday Party

To help with professional development, the Arizona Section co-leads the Arizona ITE- IMSA Annual Spring Conference.  The conference is overseen by the Conference Committee and Program Committee. Attendance continues to grow with about 500+ attendees.

Our Section is very excited to part of the new Mountain District and hopes to be engaged during the establishment of it!

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Student Chapter Spotlight


The student chapter at University of Utah experienced another great year of professional development and activities such as inviting presenters to our campus, and industry experiences that engage and excite students in anticipation of graduation.
Activity 1-Member Recruitment-Nov, 15
This year, we have 10 new members for the student chapter at UofU. The size of our community has been increasing steadily. Among the new members, 7 students are undergraduates; 1 student is master student; 2 students are having their PhD degree; and 1 students is post doc.
Activity 2-Autonomous Vehicle Shuttle Experiencing
The UDOT, in partnership with the UTA, launched an Autonomous Shuttle Pilot in the state of Utah this year. The AV shuttle was deployed in our campus during Sep and Oct, 2019. As a result, UDOT contacted us to have our members experienced the shuttle and the chance to asking questions to their engineers. Moreover, they also want to receive more useful feedbacks for their future planning on AV shuttle.
Activity 3-Professional Speakers-Oct, 16, 2019
In this year, we are fortunate to have Jamie Markosian and Abusha Musunuru from Kittleson & Associates, Inc. as speakers. The presentation is about Exploring A Career in Transportation, which aims to give a professional opinions and valuable chances to upcoming graduating students about how to choose right career paths regarding their majors.
Activity 4 - UDOT Annual Conference - Nov. 5, 2019
Four of our student members presents their research outcomes for poster sessions in UDOT annual conference 2019 in Sandy. The titles and corresponding authors are the follows:
  1. Visual Analytics of Massive Mobility Data and Their Derivatives-Yinhu Wang, Seth Miller
  2. Snowplow Truck Performance Assessment and Feature Importance Analysis using Machine Learning Techniques-Zhiyan Yi
  3. Seismic Retrofit of Deficient Reinforced Concrete Bridge Wall Piers using Carbon Fiber Composite Systems-Vanessa McEntee
  4. Examining Driver Injury Severity in Left-turn Crashes using Hierarchical Ordered Prohibit Model-Zhao Zhang


The ASU Student Chapter has organized several events last year, among them was the Alumni panel (picture 2019-04-04 attached). On this event, the student chapter invited ASU alumni to talk to current ITE student members about the importance of professional organizations, and the workforce. We had speakers from both private and public industries, to illustrate career options. ITE ASU Student Chapter was also part of the annual ASU Homecoming event (picture 2019-11-23 attached), where we showcased our student organization to guests of all ages, promoting careers in transportation, and engaging new members.

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Mountain Moves!

With the establishment of our new Mountain District, we have a new brand, a new face, a refreshed passion, and a new horizon! We also have a Student Endowment Fund that we are looking to bolster through donations. So make sure to purchase your Mountain swag from your local state ITE Section Presidents or HERE in the form of a Pin or a Sticker, or both! Then......take a picture with your swag in cool places throughout OUR district and submit them to [email protected]! Your enthusiasm for our new District will be the reason it flourishes! So show us your pictures!


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Call for Abstracts

The ITE 2020 Joint Western and Mountain Districts Annual Meeting will be held June 28-July 1, 2020 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, Hawaii. The technical program will include a combination of Technical Sessions, Roundtable Discussions, Poster Sessions, and Technical Tours. We are currently taking submissions for abstracts and papers. Awards will be given for best paper in multiple categories.

Click here to find out how to submit your abstract and/or paper!

Abstracts are due by December 20th, 2019

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Employment Opportunities

  • ITS Operations Foreman - City of Mesa Transportation Department LINK HERE

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Whether you post a job listing, an entry in the products and services directory, become a District Sponsor or a Founding District Sponsor, know that your financial support goes directly into funding the important initiatives of the Mountain District.

These initiatives include a strong scholarship and award component to support the growth of our student population and encourage the next generation to join our Community of Transportation Professionals.  Initiatives are also in place to support the growth and development of our young professionals and providing additional outreach opportunities to both our public and private partners, highlighting the work they are doing to better serve the traveling public.  The Mountain District will be working in close partnership with our Sections and Chapters to support their activities at the local level and highlight the accomplishments of our transportation community.

More information on the scholarships, awards and other programs are available on the Mountain ITE website. page for more information or contact the Advertising Chair.

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If you have any trouble with these e-mails, please contact [email protected]. We are using the membership database as our contact list, so please be sure to keep your contact information updated.

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