With a population of over 25 million across 8 states, the Mountain region of the United States includes several of the country's fastest growing metropolitan areas.  The region is also home to one of the newest and largest Districts of ITE, with over 1,600 ITE members encompassing 7 ITE Sections, 1 Chapter and 14 Student Chapters.  Many of the biggest names in transportation have a presence in the region to serve this rapidly growing market and the Mountain District has several advertising opportunities available to help you reach out to, and support, our growing Community of Transportation Professionals.

The Mountain District is pleased to welcome our first group of Founding and District Sponsors and we look forward to many others joining their ranks.  With their support, we will be kicking off several student initiatives this year as we get the new District up and running and prepare for our first standalone conference in Boise in 2022.  In addition to Founding and District Sponsorships, listings in the Products and Services Directory, Job Postings and eNewsletter sponsorships are available for individual purchase and are a great way to reach out to the Mountain District’s 1600+ members.  Please contact the Advertising Chair for details.

Founding Sponsors
Lee Engineering
Sanderson Stewart
Simrex Corporation
Southwest Traffic Engineering
Summit Traffic Solutions
Y2K Engineering
District Sponsors
All Traffic Data Services
Apex Design
Horrocks Engineers
IronStride Solutions
MaxGreen Transportation Engineers
StreetLight Data
Western Systems


District Sponsor

Vendors, manufacturers and consultants who want to maximize their advertising dollar and demonstrate their support of Mountain ITE are encouraged to become a District Sponsor for only $1,000.  District Sponsorships are for a 12-month period, may begin at any time, and are an excellent way to show your support of our new District while promoting your organization.

District sponsors receive the following benefits:


Founding Sponsor

With the launch of the new Mountain District, we are offering a limited-time opportunity to be recognized as an ITE Mountain District Founding Sponsor for only $2,500.  This sponsorship level includes a 12-month District Sponsorship, the additional title of Founding Sponsor (available through 2022, as long as a paid District sponsorship is maintained) and all of the additional benefits detailed below.  This sponsorship opportunity is available only through the end of 2021 and will provide additional seed funding to help prepare for the District’s first standalone conference in Boise, Idaho in 2022, following joint conferences in 2020 (with the Western District) and 2021 (with ITE International and the Western District).  The additional monies raised by the Founding Sponsors will also kickstart the many initiatives we have planned to support our student members and young professionals, as we prepare them to participate in ITE's Community of Transportation Professionals.

Founding Sponsors will receive, in addition to all of the regular benefits of District Sponsorship:

  • Priority placement in Mountain ITE promotional materials, including the eNewsletter and quarterly Magazine
  • Distinction as a Founding Sponsor throughout the Mountain ITE website
  • Additional recognition at future annual meetings
  • Exclusive swag and gifts in appreciation of the higher level of support 


Whether you post a job posting, an entry in the products and services directory, become a District Sponsor or a Founding District Sponsor, know that your financial support goes directly into funding the important initiatives of the Mountain District.  These initiatives include a strong scholarship and award component to support the growth of our student population and encourage the next generation to join our Community of Transportation Professionals.  Initiatives are also in place to support the growth and development of our young professionals and providing additional outreach opportunities to both our public and private partners, highlighting the work they are doing to better serve the traveling public.  The Mountain District will be working in close partnership with our Sections and Chapters to support their activities at the local level and highlight the accomplishments of our transportation community. More information on the scholarships, awards and other programs are available on the Mountain ITE website.

For sponsorship opportunities, please complete the online form at the SPONSOR link below or contact the Advertising Chair.


Opinions expressed in advertisements are those of the authors and do not reflect the official ITE, ITE Mountain District policy or their endorsement. Publication of advertising does not constitute official ITE endorsement of products or services. Any reprinting or reuse of ITE Mountain District material (except that which is copyrighted) for the purpose of sharing technical information is permissible if proper reference is provided and this disclaimer accompanies the reprint.

Founding District Sponsors

District Sponsors