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Colorado/Wyoming Section Committees

Colorado/Wyoming Section Committee Chairs

Benjamin Davis

Activities Committee


Negar Karimi

Activities Committee


John C. LaSala

Awards Committee


Qichao Wang

Continuing Education Committee


Matthew E. Ciarkowski

Golf Committee


Rachel S. Ackermann

Legislative Committee


Paul F. Brown

Membership Committee


Omar Venzor

Mentoring Committee


Evan T. Brigham

Newsletter Committee


Alvin A. Stamp

Scholarship Committee


Devin C. Joslin

Section Scribe


Greg R. Baker

Social Media


Victoria R. Edington

Student Liaison


John J. Hansen

Technical Committee


AJ Fisher



Activities Committee

Chair: Benjamin Davis and Negar Karimi Members:

This committee plans social and volunteer activities to complement the technical and professional development activities of the Section. This committee plans one leadership event a year and solicits sponsorship from consultant firms and industry representatives to help fund the event. This committee selects and coordinates logistics with the event location, manages the registration process, and coordinates with the leadership group that is highlighted.

Notification of events are distributed in the Section newsletter, membership e-mail, and on this website. If you have any questions, please contact the committee chair.

Awards Committee

Chair: John La Sala Members: previous award winners

The Colorado-Wyoming Section presents two awards annually – the Lifetime Achievement and the Transportation Professional of the Year.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented each year in December and is intended to honor an individual, who for an extended period of time, has contributed in an outstanding manner to the advancement of the transportation engineering profession, the Institute of Transportation Engineering, and the Colorado/Wyoming Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers. This award is only given to individuals that have given unselfishly of their time and talents to the furtherance of the transportation profession and their professional organization, and by example has inspired fellow professionals to greater service. It is intended that this Award be a periodic award rather than an annual award.

Minimum requirements for the Award are as follows:

  • Has attained member grade or higher in the Institute of Transportation Engineers and is a member in good standing of the Colorado/Wyoming Section and;

  • Has been active in the field of transportation engineering for ten (10) years or more, and;

  • Has made continuous significant contributions to the transportation engineering profession for at least five (5) years.

Lifetime Achievement Nomination Form

The Transportation Professional of the Year Award is presented in May and recognizes notable professionalism and achievement by a Section member during the previous calendar year. A broad range of activities and achievement may be recognized by this award, including:

  • Leadership or technical activities on a specific project.

  • Leadership (including administration and training) or technical activities within an organization.

  • Research activities and/or publications and presentations.

  • Notable service to the Institute and/or the Colorado/Wyoming Section.

  • Volunteer service effort (such as to community groups) that promotes the professional practice of transportation engineering.

Transportation Professional of the Year Nomination Form

A list of past award winners can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the committee chair.

Continuing Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Chris Sobie and Qichao Wang

This committee coordinates training and professional development activities for the Section related to the practice of transportation planning and engineering. This includes serving as a members’ clearinghouse for training activities nationally, promoting the activities of other organizations that are in Colorado and Wyoming and would benefit Section members, and organization and conduct of specific workshops, seminars, and training sessions expressly for the section. Notification of training events are distributed in the Section newsletter, through membership e-mail, and on this website. If you have any questions, please contact the committee co-chairs.

Golf Committee

Chair: Matt Ciarkowski Members: Eric Boivin, Bob Kochevar, Scott Burger, Nick Westphal, Chris Hopkins, Cara O'Donnell

This committee organizes and hosts the Section’s annual golf tournament. This committee solicits sponsorship from consultant firms, industry representatives and other commercial establishments, selects and coordinates logistics with the golf course, manages the registration process, purchases prizes and hosts the awards ceremony and luncheon following the tournament. Additional committee members are welcome to assist with this popular annual event. If you have any questions regarding the annual golf tournament, please contact the committee chair.

Legislative Committee

Chair: Rachel Ackermann Members:

This committee is responsible for monitoring transportation-related policy throughout Colorado and Wyoming and reporting on matters relevant to the Section. It is not charged with expressing editorial opinions on behalf of ITE. This committee may serve as a clearinghouse for legislative information, helping to connect transportation decision-makers with the expertise of the Section membership on any given subject. Currently, this committee provides regular Legislative Updates in Conveyances. If you have any questions or legislative input, please contact the committee chair.

Membership Committee

Chair: Paul Brown Members: Andrew McFadden

This committee is responsible for maintaining the Section’s membership database in order to facilitate the dissemination of information to its members. In addition, communication to our national organization is vital to ensure that records for both the local and the national chapter are consistent. In each issue of Conveyances, this committee provides the “On the Move” article that announces member career moves, advancements, or new members. In an effort to get to know our members better, one of our regular Conveyances articles that began in 2007 is a personnel profile that features one of our Section members. If you recently joined ITE, changed jobs, or been recognized for an achievement, please inform the committee chair.

For more information on ITE membership, please link to the Institute web page.

Mentoring Program

Coordinator: Omar Venzor Members:

Our Section is promoting a mentoring program that has a twofold purpose. First, it is an opportunity for the Section to increase the participation of younger members and students in Section activities. Second, the program gives younger transportation professionals an opportunity for personal growth and career development.

Mentoring is defined as an activity within which one offers knowledge, insight, perspective, or wisdom that is helpful to another person to encourage professional, mental, and emotional growth. One-on-one mentoring is a partnership of equals, both sharing the responsibility for communication, growth, feedback and follow-through. Our short term goal is to engage the UCD Student Chapter of ITE in the mentoring program, and then expand to include junior professionals.

The program establishes one-on-one mentoring relationships between mentors (experienced transportation professionals) and protégés (student members and younger professional members) with the relaxed goal of regularly meeting (e.g. monthly) to discuss the protégé’s professional and career development. These informal relationships will enable both individuals to build new skills; prepare for advancement and other growth opportunities; build self-esteem and self-confidence; and, in so doing, contribute to the fulfillment of personal professional development and goals.

Our Section’s mentoring program already has a few Section members volunteering as mentors. A rewarding opportunity for more senior transportation professionals – volunteering as a mentor – awaits. The Section is looking for more volunteers to be mentors to make this a sustainable effort. There are no set requirements that define the role of mentor as each member’s personal professional experience has been unique. It will all be valuable to the protégés.

If you are interested in either volunteering as a mentor or participating as a protégé, please contact the Mentoring Coordinator.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Alvin Stamp Members: Chris Vokurka and Victoria Edington

In order to encourage undergraduate and graduate level students pursuing careers in transportation-related fields, the Section provides the following scholarship opportunities on a yearly basis:

  • The ITE CO/WY Undergraduate Level Scholarship – $1,000 – $2,000 per applicant

  • The ITE CO/WY Graduate Level Scholarship – $1,000 – $2,000 per applicant

  • The ITE CO/WY Executive Committee Leadership Award – (Undergraduate or Graduate Students) $700 – $1,000 per applicant

Scholarship awards will be distributed on an annual basis until funds are depleted. The scholarship award will be given in the student’s name, and the award amount will be used by the student at their discretion. If you have any questions, please contact the committee chair.

The 2020 scholarship information and application packet can be found here. Applications are due by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, April 1, 2020.

Technical Committee

Chair: John Hansen Members: 

This committee encourages Section members to prepare and discuss an article for publication or presentation. Committee activities can also include providing guidelines regarding local transportation and traffic engineering problems. This committee also sponsors a student technical paper contest annually. If you have any questions, please contact the committee chair.