Colorado/Wyoming Section Jobs

For a fee of $50, the Section will include your posting for three months on the Section website and in three upcoming editions of the Section newsletter. The fee is waived for both public agency and student internship postings.

Please contact the Secretary-Treasurer if you have any questions.

Job Name:  Engineer-in-Training II - Bridge Fabrication and Construction Inspector
Company/Agency:  Colorado Department of Transportation
Job #:  HAA-50004299-05/20
Location:  Denver, CO
Closes:  June 5, 2020
Job Name:  Transportation Research Engineer
Company/Agency:  Colorado Department of Transportation
Job #:  HAA-50003328-04/20
Location:  Denver Metro, CO
Closes:  May 19, 2020
Job Name:  Traffic Operations Engineer
Company/Agency:  Navjoy, Inc.
Location:  Golden, Colorado
Job Name:  Entrepreneurial Traffic Manager
Company/Agency:  Navjoy, Inc.
Location:  California